Become a Healer



Do you have powerful energy inside of you and you are looking for the best way to use it? Want to learn how to heal yourself from within, as well as others? Become a Cosmic Healer now and learn how to feel better and help those around you.


As a Cosmic Healer you will be able to heal people’s energy as well as your own. This is achieved through channeling Cosmic Energy to eliminate any bad vibrations and blockages, regulating the chakras or energy centers. By doing this people feel invigorated, happier, lighter, and healthier, both mentally and physically.


I’ve experienced the incredible positive changes these healings produce, and that’s why I want to teach people how to do it. I believe this knowledge should be within everyone’s reach because we all deserve to feel better, lighter, and stronger. As well as being able to help others feel this way too.

Get your Cosmic Energy Healer Certification Level I today!

This class costs $ 1,000.00 which is held on 1 day and it is a 6-hour training, divided in two 3-hour segments; Theory Training, and Initiation Practice. Plus, you will get 2 books for your daily practice.

You can choose to do it either as a Private or a Group Workshop. After this training you will be able to perform a Cosmic Healing to yourself or someone else.


You will learn:

  • The Chakras, what they are, how they work, and what they do.
  • How to create Chakra Balance and eliminate blockages.
  • How to heal yourself.
  • How to heal others.
  • How to channel the energy or prana within you to produce healing.


You will get:

  • 3-hour Theory Training
  • 3-hour Initiation Practice
  • 2 books to support your path
  • A Cosmic Energy Healer Certification


This certification is only $1,000.00 and you will learn things that will last for a lifetime. You will be able to apply these practices in your day-to-day, improving your life and those of the ones you love, in so many ways! Plus, you will be able to work as a Cosmic Energy Healer, helping clients as well.


If you want to get a payment plan please contact us, we can schedule a payment plan for you.



  • This training must be in-person. Since I am located in Los Angeles, this is the where the trainings take place. If you want to have the training outside of Los Angeles, please send your request. If you can’t make it on any chosen date we have prepared for you, please let us know, so we can schedule a different date.
  • You must be over 18 years old.


Become a Master of Cosmic Energy Healing

Becoming a Master in Cosmic Energy Healing requires to be initiated through 5 Levels (42 Channels). You can, with time, add channels to your training in order to achieve the Master Status. After completing one year of practice as a Master of Cosmic Energy Healing you can further continue your studies and become a Progressor/Magister of Cosmic Energy and eventually a Teacher of Cosmic Energy Healing as well.

If you want to know more about becoming a Master Healer, please contact us at