Cosmic Energy Healing

Welcome to Cosmic Energy Healing!

This site is built to help you to get the energy and clearance you need in your lIfe.

If you suffer of health condition, depression or negativity in your life, we can help you!

I offer psychic readings and cosmic energy healing as treatment, to cleanse and restore your chakras and aura in your bio-field.

Please note, that Cosmic Energy Healing will only work if done as advised.

Cosmic Energy Healing has been around for over 400 years and is a acknowledged healing method. It heals your physical and etheral body, the mind and soul. Through channeling and hands on healing, frequencies will go through your body and restore your chakras, aura and bio-field.

In order to live a happy and abundant life, we must disconnect and cleanse from prior karma and death or past life connections. When life holds you back, this is the method to cleanse and restore with.

Cosmic Energy Healing protects and cleanses, it will strengthen your aura and bio-field. It can bring abundance in love, health and finances, rejuvenate and remove any negativity (witchcraft, sickness, health issues). Whatever issues you have, they can be corrected over time with healing sessions if done regular.

You can apply Cosmic Energy Healing in matters such as heart problem, arthritis, asthma and bronchitis, depression, ulcers, diabetes, gastric Issues, vision- and hearing problems, eczema and many more, so your health can improve. We can help minimize pain or solve it completely at times. Our healing method is excellent in addition to cancer treatments and helps improve your condition.

Energy healing can be also used to cleanse places we live in, business or working spaces and will protect. We can charge water to cleanse from within too. We are experienced in helping clients with addictions to improve/support their current condition (Patient continues with the clinical treatment or AA meeting and counseling).

After consultation with the individual client, we will set up a schedule for sessions.

There will be 10 sessions spread over 5-6 weeks, each session is 40 Minutes.

It is highly recommended to fulfill 10 sessions (one cycle) or the treatment will not have its full effect.

It takes up 3-5 session before feeling a change in your body and yourself.

The sessions will be hold remote or via video chat.

When one cycle (1o sessions) is finished the patient takes a medical leave for at least 6 weeks and can return again for a new cycle.

Cancelation of a session is 48 hours prior due.

Please note, that if You are currently visiting a physician and taking medicine, please continue with it, since it will not effect in any way your treatment with us.

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