Alla D.

The experiences that I have had since I started the healing have just been amazing. When I first started I had just left my job and had no idea what I was doing with my life. Living with my parents and no money and no clue as to how my life was going to go. Since the sessions, I now not only have a job, but an amazing career that I absolutely love, a part time job where I make extra money that is almost equivalent to my full time job and have my own beautiful home.

I could never imagine that my life would turn around in such a drastic way. It was more than I could ever ask for or even imagine for myself in such a short amount of time. This has all literally happened to me within a year span. To say these healing sessions work or are an amazing experience is an understatement. I could not be happier in my life at the moment. At this point I could not see my life without this healing process. Eva is just a Godsend for me and everyone else who has done this in the past, present and future.

Lana D.

So my daughter started the healing sessions about a year ago and told me about it. I have always been a strong believer of the the spiritual and cosmic world so I wanted to start doing healing for myself naturally. I was having really bad pains in my left wrist and thought maybe I was beginning to get arthritis. No matter what medications I was prescribed, the pain never seemed to go away. After the first session, I already began to feel relief. I was about 4 or 5 sessions in and the pain was almost completely gone. Eva is amazing and her healing techniques worked beyond belief. I have now recommended her to anyone and everyone I know. She really is the best!!!

Jane F.

Healing with Eva is amazing and results are real. Anxiety and feeling lost is no longer part of my mentality. The sessions peeled away whatever was holding me back in moving forward in life. I did several rounds with Eva and she really helped me become the best I can be. Truly an amazing experience.

David D.

I was addicted to drugs and went to rehab. Before and after my stay at the clinic I did healing with Eva and had amazing results. I felt less and less the need to use drugs, I even minimized taking drugs before the rehab. I felt more stable and at this point I stopped using completely. I am as for now 6 months drug free/sober and planning to stay that way. I truly appreciate Eva’s help and recommend her to people like minded.

Jessica C.

You never know what you’ll experience until you allow yourself the opportunity to try. 6 weeks ago I decided I would go in with an open mind and began Shakra healing. Yes, I was skeptical. Yes, I was hesitant. Yes, I was reluctant. But I saw it as another opportunity to open my mind and try something new.

Looking back at the person I was 6 weeks ago, I feel like a different person. They say think positive and you’ll be positive. And I agree. Never in my life have I lived life the way I am living now. In the moment, free and uninhibited (for the most part) from worry.

My healer Eva taught me lessons I never thought I could understand. Never have I felt more whole than after my first 10 sessions. If you are able to have the opportunity to work with Eva, do it now and without hesitation. She will help you more than you can ever dream of.

Ash W.

I was at a complete struggle for two years after moving back to Los Angeles. I have a college education outstanding work experience and was high on the food chain in the corporate world. I applied to at least 50 jobs a week got interviews, but nothing seemed to be panning out. I met Eva at a random event and we starting talking about my struggles I had been experiencing since moving back to Los Angeles. I explained to her I’m a very positive person, always the life of the party. She suggested I come to her and do a healing.
I was very skeptical at first, thought this may be a lot of hocus pocus stuff and my first session I was not sure what I was in for. After three sessions doors starting opening up for me. I finished 10 sessions with Eva about 3 months after my last session was Eva I received a part-time job offer with a large global corporation. On the first day of my part-time job, I received a job offer for a full-time employment opportunity with a very reputable education institute that fit my salary requirements.
It has been 6 months since my healing with Eva and I now have 2 jobs one part-time and the other full-time that I absolutely love! My health has improved and I am now looking at retirement options where I will live very comfortable throughout the rest of my life.
Thank you Eva and much blessings to you!!!