I was at a complete struggle for two years after moving back to Los Angeles. I have a college education outstanding work experience and was high on the food chain in the corporate world. I applied to at least 50 jobs a week got interviews, but nothing seemed to be panning out. I met Eva at a random event and we starting talking about my struggles I had been experiencing since moving back to Los Angeles. I explained to her I’m a very positive person, always the life of the party. She suggested I come to her and do a healing. I was very skeptical at first, thought this may be a lot of hocus pocus stuff and my first session I was not sure what I was in for. After three sessions doors starting opening up for me. I finished 10 sessions with Eva about 3 months after my last session was Eva I received a part-time job offer with a large global corporation. On the first day of my part-time job, I received a job offer for a full-time employment opportunity with a very reputable education institute that fit my salary requirements. It has been 6 months since my healing with Eva and I now have 2 jobs one part-time and the other full-time that I absolutely love! My health has improved and I am now looking at retirement options where I will live very comfortable throughout the rest of my life. Thank you Eva and much blessings to you!!! Respectfully, ALW
Ash W.