You never know what you’ll experience until you allow yourself the opportunity to try. 6 weeks ago I decided I would go in with an open mind and began Shakra healing. Yes, I was skeptical. Yes, I was hesitant. Yes, I was reluctant. But I saw it as another opportunity to open my mind and try something new. Looking back at the person I was 6 weeks ago, I feel like a different person. They say think positive and you’ll be positive. And I agree. Never in my life have I lived life the way I am living now. In the moment, free and uninhibited (for the most part) from worry. My healer Eva taught me lessons I never thought I could understand. Never have I felt more whole than after my first 10 sessions. If you are able to have the opportunity to work with Eva, do it now and without hesitation. She will help you more than you can ever dream of.
Jessica C.