Hi there,

I am a Cosmic Energy Healer and Teacher located in Los Angeles, CA. I also practice Reiki and perform guided Meditations. I have also been a Psychic Reader and Medium for almost 20 years and over private consultations. It is my mission to help but also connect with people.

I have created a Membership Service for my clients to receive Daily Tarot Card readings with one (1) individual Tarot Card, which will explain the energy for the day with a prediction.

Thank you for stopping by. I am looking forward to hearing more from you! You can check more info on my Bio HERE

Sign up for a FREE 7 day trial to receive Daily Tarot Readings! After that your subscription will begin at $22.22 monthly. Cancel anytime before new billing cycle.

Sign up for your Daily Tarot Card Subscription! Each day I will pick (1) Tarot Card from different Tarot Decks which I will use to give you an individual reading for the day and what to energetically expect. Your subscription is valid for 30 days with a 7-Day Trial.



Now available for download! Get your monthly Tarot Prediction for each month based on your Astrological Sign. 1 Tarot Card prediction, forecast and guidance, giving you information about the coming month and near future Get your Tarotscope HERE