Start your transformative journey of self-discovery through Inner Child Healing. Let’s align your chakras in a harmonious flow, allowing the free circulation of energy throughout your being. Immerse yourself in this 5-week workshop with 1 Zoom meeting per week, with a weekly healing session dedicated to infusing your body with positive energy, rejuvenating your spirit, and fostering deep well-being, plus a once-a-week manifestation class at the same time. The duration of the class is 1.5-2 hours max.

With my 500-year-old ancient method of Cosmic Energy Healing, I will help and guide you through

  • releasing negative blocks
  • remove fear and anxiety
  • remove past-life attachments
  • shield yourself from psychic attacks and
  • remove any lingering effects of possible witchcraft, ensuring a clean energetic slate.

As you detach from the shadows of the past, my holistic approach opens you up to abundance on all levels. Embrace the power of healing as you reconnect with your inner child, paving the way for emotional liberation and empowerment. This comprehensive session offers a sacred space for personal growth, allowing you to enter a future where positivity, balance, and abundance naturally flow into your life.

Engage in this workshop with additional tips and tricks to manifest your desires with the potent combination of

  • journaling
  • crystals
  • candles
  • oils and
  • affirmations

Chronicle your aspirations, charting progress, and clarifying goals. Harness the energy of crystals to amplify intentions, while candles and oils enhance the manifestation process. Craft powerful affirmations to reinforce positivity and attract abundance. This holistic practice creates a harmonious synergy, aligning your intentions with the universe for a transformative journey toward fulfillment and manifestation.

Join this powerful transformation workshop once a week for 5 weeks and start seeing the progress you have been looking for! I am looking forward to seeing you!

Live Class Dates are in PST Time

February 1st – February 8th – February 15th February 22nd February 29th, 2024

All classes start at 5 pm PST Time!

This Workshop starts on February 1st, 2024. Sign up for the Heal Your Inner Child Workshop below ⬇️⬇️⬇️