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This Manifestation Candle is premade with a base of different essential oils to draw in healing, love, abundance, and success. The Candle has herbs, which you will apply before lighting it. In addition, You will receive additionally a crystal stone, that you can place next to burning Your candle to enhance Your manifestation and carry it with You afterward for a better success rate. Burn any of these candles from Sunday through Friday. Sniff candles out, never blow them out! 4 oz pure vegan soy candle.

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  • The Healing and Cleansing Candle will help you remove negativity and cleanse. It is supposed to help you heal
  • The Money Maker Candle will help you attract money and abundance into your life
  • The pink candle can help you attract love, and self-love and help people like and love you more
  • The Road Opener Candle will help you attract money and love and open road blockages in your path

Set your Intentions and preferably meditate over the Candle while lighting it. Don’t blow out the candle sniff it out if necessary. The candle contains oils and herbs. Made out of pure Soy with 12-16 hours burning time 4 oz.

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Manifestation Candle

Healing and Cleansing, Road Opener, Road Opener, Love, Money


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